The Dragon’s Heart Institute is delighted to announce that one of its flagship leadership programmes, Climb, is now accepting applications from candidates from public, third and industry sector organisations.

Climb was launched in 2021 as part of the All-Wales Intensive Learning Academies to create a self-sustaining generation of future leaders, combining world-leading teaching with the opportunity to build their own leadership practice. Teachers on the programme include Hahrie Han, Director of the SNF Agora Institute and Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, Professor Sir Muir Gray, Honorary Clinical Researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, and Mark Prain, Founding Director of the Hillary Institute of International Leadership.

In its first year, Climb successfully recruited 30 “pioneers” from across the health and social care sector in Wales who have praised the programme, calling it, “one of the best professional events of [their] life” and “the missing piece in [their] professional life that they were seeking.”

Now, we are delighted to be opening the programme up to aspirational candidates from other sectors including local authorities, third sector organisations and industry.

Jonathon Gray, Director for Innovation and Improvement at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and lead for the Dragon’s Heart Institute and Climb Programme, said, “The idea for Climb came from the work we did fighting COVID-19 in 2020. During a time of unprecedented challenge, we witnessed the emergence of brave and bold people who were prepared to walk towards the fire and try to make a difference in whatever way they could. We also saw new relationships being formed between the health sector and partners in industry that would have seemed unlikely before the pandemic. It is with that spirit of collaboration and cooperation that we would like to invite these partners to join our Climb programme now.”

Charles Penny from Q5 Partners LLP, said, “I began working with Jonathon and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board during the construction of the Dragon’s Heart Hospital, and have been very fortunate to have been involved in Climb since its launch. The teaching is a fantastic, eye-opening experience that anyone in a leadership position could benefit from, not just those working in NHS Wales.”

Climb is a 10-month programme commencing in September 2022. There will be a mixture of immersive residential elements to the programme along with virtual sessions between September 2022 and July 2023.The fee for the programme is £9,950 + VAT. Individuals who work in health and care in Wales will have their course fees covered in full by a bursary provided by the Welsh Government.

To read more and apply to Climb, visit the Climb webpage.

Bryn Kentish
Written by:
Bryn Kentish