Why we do
what we do

We seek to close gaps globally – between health and industry, between the NHS and what it can be, between health challenges and the leaders that will solve them.

How we do it

We’re building cross-sector communities of leaders and future leaders, channelling innovation to the frontline and facilitating progress across the healthcare system.

What we do

We help you take your ideas further, connecting you with peers, resourcing you for the road ahead, and training you to co-produce solutions alongside global leaders in health.

Who we’re working with

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Our team

Jonathon Gray

Director of Improvement and Innovation

Ruth Jordan

Assistant Director of Improvement, Implementation and Spread

Mark Briggs

Assistant Director of Innovation

Bryn Kentish

Improvement and Communication Manager

Kelly McGuffie

Intensive Learning Academy Programme Manager

Adil Jaleel

Senior Administrative Assistant

Helen Bricknell

Project Support Officer