Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) has published a report detailing its organisational learning from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authored in the summer and autumn of 2020, the report illustrates how the Health Board’s workforce was mobilised in a way never before seen and how radical, innovative thinking was brought to fore as the system reacted to one of the greatest challenges it had ever faced.
The report includes a timeline of activity between December 2019 and August 2020, in-depth analysis of the various parts (including clinical and non-clinical) of the system responded and what was learned, the Health Board’s “blind spots” and areas which could be improved upon, and a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the construction of the Dragon’s Heart Hospital in the Principality Stadium.

Finally, there is a collection of twelve case studies from across the Health Board which showcase some of the best-practice adaptation, innovation and resilience shown by our staff, what they learnt in the process, and the next steps for them working in this new way.
The report is available in both English and Welsh.

Rachel Gidman, Assistant Director of Organisational Development, said, “With the system under the pressure of COVID-19, it is difficult to focus on anything except responding to it in the present. However, it is absolutely crucial that lessons are learned from how we worked to together to respond to this challenge, especially in those early days of the pandemic.

“The challenge of the pandemic brought out the best of the NHS and it is so important that we capture how we worked in those moments of adversity so that we can influence how we work in the future.”

Len Richards, Chief Executive of Cardiff and Vale UHB, said, “I have been incredibly proud of the way in which staff across the Health Board have come together and worked in new ways to solve the challenges we are currently facing, and this report, I think, justifies why. It is an incredible collection of stories from the frontline and beyond, showcasing the very best of our Health Board, detailing the problems we were presented with and how we solved them. As this report details only the action taken during the first wave of the pandemic, I expect that in the future there will be more which will chronicle what happened next, including our mass vaccination campaign and the construction of the Lakeside Wing at the University Hospital of Wales.

“I am incredibly grateful to everyone mentioned in the report for bringing their innovative thinking and willingness to change to the heart of our COVID-19 response, and also to the team involved in researching and writing this report so that the crucial lessons from which we can all learn were not lost.”

You can read the report here in English and here in Welsh.

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