Developing transformational leaders of the future.

We are creating a self-sustaining generation of future leaders by providing experiences and opportunities within a safe and supported environment for people:

  • To be inspired and energised by what is possible around the world.
  • To learn about themselves and the knowledge and practices they will need to navigate the changing world.
  • To connect across organisational and sector boundaries with opportunities to build multigenerational networks.

The sharing of experience and expertise from international organisations and specialists will equip our programmes with a truly global scale of innovation and excellence – to set the bar of aspiration, to challenge and provoke thinking and doing.

We’re bringing together diverse, talented and curious people from across Wales to expose them to leading-edge ideas and create opportunities for cross-pollination and break-through innovation, forming a group like no other with super-charged chemistry, giving them unprecedented access to pioneers at the forefront of their game. Climb is an opportunity to huddle and hustle around our biggest societal challenges and delegates will be challenged and supported by seasoned leaders. Commencing in September 2021, our first programme will bring 30 individuals together to become pioneers of the future.


What is Climb?

Climb is a 10-month programme which combines world-leading teaching with the opportunity to build your own leadership practice.  With a focus on innovation in health and care you will learn new skills, forge networks and build relationships that will support you as your career progresses.

During COVID-19, a time of unprecedented challenge, we witnessed the emergence of brave and bold people who were prepared to walk towards the fire and try to make a difference in whatever way they could.  Uniting around a common purpose, building bridges and forging relationships between individuals, institutions and countries.  They achieved the extraordinary. Climb is building an international community of Pioneers, people with open hearts and critical minds who will step forward, when the call comes again.

Upon completion of our flagship Climb programme, you will progress to membership of the Pioneer community – a peer to peer network that will give you the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing growth of the programme and community and to participate in further development opportunities for yourself and your organisations

The Climb programme has been designed to develop the skills, capabilities and mind-sets you will need to navigate disruptive change and the changing landscape in which you are operating.  Our programme supports the development of skills that will build a sustainable group of leaders, able to navigate this uncertain terrain and ready to meet the future:

Emotional intelligence & courageous, compassionate leadership: willingness to step outside comfort zones, to have the difficult conversations, to not fear failure or reputational damage, and to bring others along.

Trend-spotting and horizon scanning: capabilities and a methodology to analyse signals and extrapolate beyond the now – as well as the commitment to maintain the up-and-out focus as a leadership practice.

Tolerance for ambiguity: as well as engaging headlong in unmapped terrain, leaders need to support development of a range of options where interventions are unlikely to have a direct cause-effect relationship.

Entrepreneurial mindset: drawing on the approaches used by serial entrepreneurs including testing small bets/affordable loss, drawing on available means, capitalising on surprises and building a network of collaborators.

Cognitive flexibility: the ability to rapidly understand complex concepts outside of one’s professional domain, and how to apply those insights across different settings.


What does the programme consist of?

Climb is a ten month programme broken down into six modules that has group work, mentoring and individual reflective learning running through it.

Mid way through the programme, an immersive experience takes place, provoking your thinking through broadened experience.

You will begin engaging with the Pioneer community from day one.  Drawing on the insights and experience of others and contributing their own through regular TedX style seminar sessions.

The programme concludes with the Summit conference where we showcase the brilliant work and learning across the programme and our Pioneer community.


The application process for the 2021/22 Climb Wales programme has now closed. Please check back for information about the 2022/23 programme later.

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