19th June 2023, Bangor University

The Dragon’s Heart Institute invite you to celebrate two milestone anniversaries – the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NHS and the 70th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest – at the summit of the Climb Programme in Bangor.

We are privileged to welcome Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund Hillary, to host the conclusion of the Climb Leadership Programme 2023 and celebrate the second Climb cohort, 30 inspiring emerging leaders from across Wales and the journey they have been on together this year.

Sir Edmund Hillary was one of the first people to ascend Mount Everest. The first ever summiting of this seemingly impossible mountain was a feat of incredible leadership which has since inspired people all over the world to “climb their own Everests”. Like his father, Peter has summited Everest and has led many other expeditions, including forging a new route to the South Pole.

At the Climb summit, he will be reflecting on the legacy of that first event, just mere miles away from Eryri / Snowdonia, where his father, Edmund, Tenzing Norgay and their team trained for that initial ascent

The Climb Leadership Programme aims to create similar inspirational leaders who can take on these seemingly impossible challenges. Climb was developed following the COVID-19 pandemic and seeing these emerging leaders, often unknown to their systems, run towards the fire.

Delivered by the Dragon’s Heart Institute in Wales, it focuses on the future of the NHS and those who will lead it. This novel programme is part of the Intensive Learning Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care with funding from Welsh Government, and delivered in partnership with Swansea University, Cardiff University and many others.

Alongside Peter Hillary, this year’s graduates will deliver energetic, thought-provoking Ed-Talks (named in honour of Sir Edmund). They will cover a wide variety of topics related to their personal leadership journeys, system changes and the future of the health and care system.

Throughout the day, attendees can choose the selection of speakers they would like to see across 3 stages. Separate Q&A sessions will allow you to interact one-on-one with our graduates and other speakers. The event will be delivered using an innovative ‘silent conference’ approach, where headsets provide flexibility to dial into the speakers and topics you would like to engage with.

This excellent networking opportunity is further enhanced with colleagues from Welsh Government, NHS Wales and International guests.

Bryn Kentish
Written by:
Bryn Kentish