The Research, Innovation and Improvement Coordination (RIIC) Hub for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan is hosted by the Dragon’s Heart Institute and works across the area’s Regional Partnership Board (RPB) to evidence and support change across health and social care.
About the Regional Partnership Board


The RPB was established to manage and develop services to secure better joint working between local health boards, local authorities and the third sector; and to ensure effective services, care and support that best meet the needs of our population.

It comprises Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Cardiff Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council, and a variety of other third sector organisations based in the region.

One of the RPB’s main goals is to work in partnership to improve the health and wellbeing of the region’s population through joint planning and improvement of health and care services, including those delivered by third sector organisations.

Our role is to support the work of the RPB by:


  • Identifying examples of innovation and good practice from across the region.
  • Coordinating research, innovation and improvement activity based on population needs
  • Engaging with and supporting organisations across the region to adopt new and creative approaches

Research, innovation and improvement is foundational to this but we are yet to really harness it to drive evidence-based change.  We have begun to build our hub and in the last year have focused on capturing the vital learning and legacy as a partnership from the experience of responding to the extreme challenges placed on our system by COVID19.  This has been important to do, but doesn’t create a sustainable approach to system-wide research, innovation and improvement.

We have witnessed monumental innovation throughout COVID-19, from building a 2000 bed field hospital, to ensuring no-one is homeless. We have done this in extremis however we know our ability to systematically adopt and adapt, spread and scale good practice, no matter what the discipline (clinical, management, leadership) is simply not sufficient

Research, innovation and improvement are also reliant on bringing together traditionally separate elements:  clinical practice, industry, business, academia and education.  The ability to harness a spark of an idea at the front line and to turn it into something real and impactful takes a whole range of expertise, ingenuity and dogmatic pursuit of something better.


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