How we work

We work by thinking about our biggest challenges and developing exciting solutions through research and development, implementing cutting-edge solutions and providing support and skills to those on the front line, and forming coalitions of purpose, from across organisational boundaries, to solve our toughest challenges.

By working across organisational boundaries in new and exciting ways, and developing leaders across the health and care system, we’re turning world-leading ideas and skills into outcomes that matter to the people we serve.

Our work is underpinned by the five-i methodology with an additional emphasis on leadership.

We work best when we work together so if you have an idea or project that requires support, get in touch today.



We want everything we do to make a difference so we will measure and evaluate the impact we have on a local and international scale to ensure we’re making the right impact.


We exist to make things better. We will invest in health and care staff, supporting them to drive change, develop their skills, and improve care for the communities we serve.


We will support staff to scale up their successes and spread them across the whole healthcare system in Wales and beyond, ensuring that the best practice and best ideas are available to all.


By facilitating collaboration between the health service and partners from all sectors, we will ensure that the right solutions are found for our biggest problems.


We will continually challenge barriers to change, organisation boundaries, and the way things have always been done to ensure that the best ideas can be brought to fruition across the system.


We will give staff the leadership skills, the knowledge and the courage to make meaningful change. This will be the key in unlocking the very best of the NHS.


Our Programmes of Work

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We are creating a self-sustaining generation of future leaders by providing experiences and opportunities within…

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